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Company F, Fourteenth Connecticut Volunteer Infantry (14th CVI), is an insured, State of Connecticut corporate and 501(c)(3), non-profit historic preservation, education and reenactment organization that strives to educate the public in the lives of the Union soldier and ordinary American civilians during the Civil War Era, 1861- 1865.

Company F portrays a company of the most famous regiment Connecticut sent to fight in the Second Corps, Army of the Potomac, from its initial engagement in the Battle of Antietam to the close of the war at Appomattox Court House.

Company F also prides itself on its record of historical preservation involvement.  Besides donations to the Civil War Trust, both as a company and as individuals, for battlefield preservation, members have participated in the restoration of two memorial stained glass windows to Connecticut troops in the Sharpsburg Lutheran Church that served as a field hospital during the Battle of Antietam, as well as the returning of the four (4) corner markers at the Bliss Barn site at Gettysburg, to their original location to mark the acre of land owned by the original Society of the Fourteenth Connecticut Regiment for future generations to see.

Members of Company F have participated in the Adopt-A-Position program at the Gettysburg National Military Battlefield Park.  This program allows us to assist the National Park Service in maintaining our regiment’s monument sites and assisting on other battlefield projects designated by the Park Service.  Company F has added Park Day sponsored by the Civil War Trust to its programs to offer its members an additional opportunity to help Civil War battlefields and historic sites, take on large and small maintenance projects.

Company F is a member of the National Regiment (NR) that participates in large-scale battle reenactments for thousands of re-enactors at sites in Maryland, Pennsylvania and Virginia and also of the New England Brigade (NEB) offering our members many opportunities to pursue their interests in out-of-state events.

Members have participated in the filming of the movie, “Gods and Generals” and look forward to working on the sequel, “Last Full Measure” when it goes into production.

With members from all over Connecticut, New York, Washington, D.C., North Carolina, and Georgia, you are encouraged to join our organization if you have an interest in the subject matter and commitment to our mission and goals of education, historic preservation and authenticity.

Watch a short video about "Who We Are and What We Do"

Our Mission

Company F Fourteenth Connecticut Volunteer Infantry is an educational, living history, preservation, not-for-profit, American Civil War reenactment organization , which strives to promote and preserve the original regiment’s history, to honor its sacrifices while serving its country between 1862 and 1865 and educate the public of the contributions of both the military and civilian home front to the Northern war effort.

Company F will:

§ accurately and safely interpret the regiment’s history to the public during reenactments, living history programs or in classroom settings.  The interpretation will also consider the regiment and civilian population’s broader contributions toward preservation of the Union and address other major issues associated with the American Civil War.

§ organize realistic fund-raising and volunteer efforts that primarily include but are not limited to, the preservation of the regiment’s history, artifacts, monuments and battlefield positions.

§ uphold the highest possible standards to accurately portray the uniforms, arms and equipment of an American Civil War Connecticut and/or Federal infantryman and civilian population of that Era.

Health and Safety

Health and safety are our chief concerns. We adhere to strict weapons and fire safety practices. Civil War reenacting, at times, can be a strenuous and physically  challenging hobby.

Requirements for Membership

If any of this appeals to you and your interest in the Civil War, we are looking for new members like you to join our ranks. Membership is open to individuals age 16 or older, to portray a soldier. Members between the ages of 12 and 15 can join as musicians.  Within one year , new members are expected to:

Acquire or have ordered all required equipment from the Fourteenth's approved vendor list. The goal is to have one of the best impressions in the field.

Participate in at least three events annually.

All members age 16 and older must demonstrate a proficiency in handling black powder weapons and performance of basic period drill.

Possess a basic knowledge of the original 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry.

As soldiers, all members are required to take and execute commands from all officers and non-commissioned officers, keep their weapon and gear in good working order, and participate in company, regimental and/or battalion drill.

Musicians are expected to be proficient at either the fife or drum.

Experience what true Pards feel
Help preserve history, as you live it
Join us and become partners in helping save
Endangered Civil war Battlefields



Join Company F, 14th Connecticut Volunteer Infantry!

We thank you for accessing our webpage.  It is Company F's mission to offer a total presentation of both the military and civilian contributions to winning the Northern war effort at living history events and to continue our commitment to battlefield preservation. 

If you are interested in either becoming a member or having Company F at a living history event, then check out our latest video. please contact us for further information

To find out more, please contact us
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Paul Martinello
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Somers, CT 06071



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